Only the optimal fit between company and candidate is promising in the long term. Since the long-term success of our customers is very important to us, we not only select very carefully in the initial phase, but we also consult with the company and the candidates about the further development after 1, 3 and 5 years. We focus on recruiting professionals and executives at all levels of the hierarchy.

Our offering

  • Optimal person-environment-fit
    • Find, find and place the most suitable candidate for the job
    • Use of input diagnostic tools to minimize wrong decisions
    • Support in the requirements analysis
  • Consideration of all areas of activity
    • Activity-specific and activity-spanning requirements
    • Development and satisfaction potential of the candidate
  • Search via networks and direct contact
    • Use of extensive networks and long-term personal relationships with potential candidates
    • Discrete and direct addressing of potential candidates
  • Full accompaniment in the process
    • Pre-selection of the candidates presented
    • Accompaniment and moderation of the discussions
  • Long-term support
    • The placement is successful only after completion of the trial period
    • Discussions about the development after 1, 3 and 5 years

Your benefit

  • Our network and our contacts
  • Our approach to selection and accompaniment
  • Relief of internal resources
  • Full support
  • Long-term support